Antimicrobial paint system AntisepticLine

With our new paint system AntisepticLine, we protect your product and its surfaces against the growth of bacteria and fungi.
The coated materials are effective against micro-organisms - a property which is unique around the world: bacteria, yeasts and fungi are killed at a rate of nearly 100% with 24 hours.
This innovative product was developed, tested according to regulatory matters and patented together with the ETH-Zurich in Switzerland.
The antimicrobial coating is not affected by any downstream processes such as forced drying.
The high efficacy on bacteria and fungi remains unchanged.
With or new paint system AntisepticLine we are approaching and winning new markets and applications in the fields of medical technology, sanitary, vetineraray, other consumer goods as well as public areas. They fit optimally into the strategic plans of Perlenpackaging and Rilit.
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