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Flower Dye

1K-Hydro-Blumenfarbe HL-3453

Colourize your flowers with our 1K-Hydro flower dye!

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Lawn Dye

1K-Hydro-Rasenfarbe HL-3454

Recover the green of your lawn with our 1K Hydro lawn dye...

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„DeviceMed“, Version Juni 2014

"Surfaces permanently germ-free"

New paint system tricks germs, fungi and bacteria - and hence prevents their growth!

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Antimicrobial paint system AntisepticLine

With our new paint system AntisepticLine, we protect your product and its surfaces against the growth of bacteria and fungi.
The coated materials are effective against micro-organisms - a property which is unique around the world: bacteria, yeasts and fungi are killed at a rate of nearly 100% with 24 hours.
This innovative product was developed, tested according to regulatory matters and patented together with the ETH-Zurich in Switzerland.
The antimicrobial coating is not affected by any downstream processes such as forced drying.
The high efficacy on bacteria and fungi remains unchanged.
With or new paint system AntisepticLine we are approaching and winning new markets and applications in the fields of medical technology, sanitary, vetineraray, other consumer goods as well as public areas. They fit optimally into the strategic plans of Perlenpackaging and Rilit.
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New roller paint system!



This year we have started together with a renowned plate manufacturer to develop an stainless steel effect paint wich can be applied on the existing rolling mill.

What´s special about it: the paint should also be able to be illuminated from the back.

Well, it works! This paint system will be used for the production of shelf systems. Want to know more? Contact us at:

In another roller paint project, a rusty effect should be applied in a wet on wet process on larger composite plates.

Metallic design and back-illumination with new type of chrome paint

Chrome Line transluscent:

Chromleiste, Automotive, interieur, komplett hinterleuchtbar


Ambient lighting in the interior of a vehicle is becoming more and more important for a car producers.

We have successfully developed a chrome paint system which is not only able to be lasered, but also illuminated from the back.

This now allows chrome-like surfaces to be created which can be illuminated from the back and show a comfortable and luxurious ambience.

Completely new new design elements can be realized.

Beginnig with buttons or knobs and ranging to larger components, our system can be used and when comparing it to other technologies with similar designs have their limits, e.g. PVD technology.

This paint system is a newly developed chrome paint which is applied in connection with a primer and protective coating.

The system has already been released in the automobile industry, but is also interesting for any other industry which wants to upgrade its surfaces, i.e. mobile phone industry or consumer goods.

With daylight, the surfaces appear to be chrome. But at night they are illuminated from the back in the desired colour.

The paint system is second to none in comparisont to other systems, expecially concerning gloss and depth effect, which is comparable to different metal surfaces or galvanized surfaces.

Another advantage is that surfaces with colour differences due to different metal surfaces or materials can be coated with the paint.

In additon, the layers are much thinner and more elastic then e.g. galvanic surfaces which tend to be brittle. A clear advantage for the part design.

Also in connection with environmental aspects, our system is a winner. The parts do not have to be separated during disposal, as the chrome paint is so thin that is does not have to be recycled.

Baking Paint System for office and facility furniture made of steel

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