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Good decision: Eco-Friendly Hydro paints

When making a decision for water-based paints, there are two aspects which are significant: first of all, these so-called hydro paints are significantly friendlier to the environment and climate due to strongly reduced solvent content. On the other hand, the VOC guidelines can legally limit the use of solvents for the processing industries and therefore are easier to fulfil.

Hydro paints have been part of our product portfolio for years. Together with their environmentally friendly composition, they are in no way inferior to conventional products and require minimal changes in Processing and in the machines used.


General information:
Hydro paints are often used in the steel, machine, container and vehicle industries. We offer hydro systems as environmentally freindly 1 and 2 component systems as e.g. quick-drying primers, single coat paints, high gloss paints, structural paints, clear varnishes and also as effect paints.

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