Effect Line

Special Effects - metallic or rusty- whatever you want!

Natural-looking effect paints allow experimentation. Our effect paint offer especially creative processors, whether industrial or design-oriented consumer goods, diverse possibilities of application to design a surface with the desired effect. Of course we create the effect paint system to meet your requirements exactly.
And we always focus on price-effeiciency and environmental tolerance!
◗ Very good adhesive properties fulfilling many specifications (sanitary, automotive, medical technology, industry, etc.)
◗ Very brilliant silver and chrome effect paints which are available as 1 or 2 component paints and depending on the effect and requirements can be applied in one to three layers.
◗ Very homogenous and nice appearance with a high degree of reflection and a excellent depth effect.
◗ Interesting price
Areas of application: sanitary, menage and electronic devices, sports articles, automotive, etc.
Galerie Effectline